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Web Positioning Specialist

The Focus

The goal of search engine marketing is to improve your web site placement in search engines. Position Strategy will invest the time, effort and expertise to understand your unique business and web marketing goals. Our recommendations are based on the optimum combination of an array of search engine marketing experience that is designed to meet and exceed your goals. We can offer you outstanding, industry-leading results and service that is consistent, personalized, and focused..

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Positioning and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the proactive efforts used to gain prominent placement on a search results page for a company's products and services. An ideal search engine placement would be to land in the top ten on a search engine results listings page.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is alot like straight advertising. The strategy involved consists of finding opportunity keywords and phrases. Tracking software is available to track results and manage the search listings. There isn't much web site optimization involved so there is virtually no link popularity or depth building advantages. You pay for search engine traffic and after you stop paying the traffic stops coming.

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