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Search Engine Positioning and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the proactive efforts used to gain prominent placement on a search results page for a company's products and services. An ideal search engine placement would be to land in the top ten on a search engine results listings page.

Search Engine Positioning and optimization is much more than just search engine placement. A well thought out strategy can develop a depth building process that can increase link popularity. In time this depth building machine can create a residual traffic base that can exceed the search engine traffic.

When it comes to search engine positioning and placement, there are no guarantees. The search engines don't even guarantee that your site will be listed, let alone placed in the top rankings. There is no ultimate control over the engines and the search engine optimization success relies on inside knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking techniques, combined with thorough performance testing of new code prior to announcement.

It is very important to understand that the most ethical and correct way to obtain top search engine placement is to become a Good Search Engine Citizen. By this I mean; don't cheat or abuse the search engines and search directories in anyway. Instead, learn to earn your top positioning by understanding what makes a top listed web site and how to construct an information based web property that creates an atmosphere for viral marketing.

Bottom line? To leverage the search positioning efforts the ultimate goal should be to create residual traffic. A web site can achive this by investing in long term search engine positioning, maintaining consistent link popularity enhancement, and creating fresh and relevant content of high value.

Consistant residual traffic combined with a balanced positioning strategy is most important. The advantage can shield your website from the sudden search engine algorithm and criteria varibles. After all, if 80,000 quality websites linked to content pages on your domain, you would have less dependency on search engine traffic. The search engine placement and ranking results will also improve with much less effort.

You should always choose a professional SEO, with proven results and an ethical approach to working with the search engines and search directories. Ask your provider to define services, pricing, contracts, and reporting methods. Verify the experience and proficiency by interviewing past customers.

Search Engine Spider Simulator
If you have problems indexing your web pages, then the search engine robots may be having a hard time crawling your website. Enter your domain homepage url below to identify any technical or web page optimization issues.

The spider bot will crawl your url and compile a webpage analysis including the title, meta tags, keyword tag, description tag, image alt attributes, number of words, keyword density percentage, the key phrases used, and the web server header information. The text data shown should be relevant to your product or services.
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