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Search Engine Marketing and Pay For Click Search Engines

Search Engine Marketing is alot like straight advertising. The strategy involved consists of finding opportunity keywords and phrases. Tracking software is available to track results and manage the search listings. There isn't much web site optimization involved so there is virtually no link popularity or depth building advantages. You pay for search engine traffic and after you stop paying the traffic stops coming.

Overture Pay Per Click Search EngineePilot Pay Per Click Search EngineAhha Pay Per Click Search EngineFindWhat Pay Per Click Search EngineKanoodle Pay Per Click Search Engine

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
A Pay Per Click search engine enables you to list your site at the top of the search engine results. They are also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement or Pay Per Position search engines. Since you bid for the keyword, you can assure yourself a top position on major search engines. This is how some SEO's guarantee top ten listings.... they buy it for you.

With a pay per click search engine, you pay only when a searcher clicks on your listing and connects to your web site. You don't pay to list, you only pay for clickthroughs.

You list your web site by selecting keywords that refer to your product or service. For each keyword you determine how much you are willing to spend. The higher you bid the higher you will appear in the search results.

Overture (GoTo)
The King of pay per click search engines. Overture has a robust and well organized membership area and tracking system. You can bid for rankings and also choose the description and title you want for as many pages as you like. You can control your bids at all times and adjust them as needed to optimize results. Overture also has a handy Search Term Suggestion Tool, which shows you how often people search for a particular word or phrase.

Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool

After Overture, the Pay Per Click Engines drop off. There are 1000's of Pay Per Click Search Engines on the Internet. Listed below are some of the most popular search engines in this category.

7Search - Pay Per Click Engine
Ah-ha - Paid Listings
BrainFox - The Leader in Small Business Marketing
ePilot - Business Takes Off
FindWhat - A Better Search Result
GoClick - Fast Easy GoClick
Google Ad Words - Keyword Advertising Programs
Kanoodle - Search The Web
Search123 - Control - Performance - Results
SearchFeed - Pay Per Click Search Engine
Sprinks - Reaching Customers Where They Live Online
Turbo10 - Search The Deep Net
Xuppa (formerly Bay9) - The Ultimate Search Experience
Search It 24 Search Engine (Owned by Position Strategy, Inc.)

Keyword Bid Management Software
The potential web traffic available using pay per click search engines is huge for advertisers, but inefficient management of your bids could result in wasted marketing expense. A PPC campaign can be expensive without cost management and ROI verification.

To help with the task of keyword list management, there are a number of third party management tools and online services available.

BidRank - Keyword Management Software
GoToast - Online Keyword Management Service
PPC Management - Bidding Software
Sure Hits - Online Bid Management Service

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