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Web Position Gold

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Web Position Gold - Search Engine Marketing Software

Web Position Gold is the first product to combine all the following features designed to launch your Web site to the top of the search engine results.

Generates HTML pages designed to rank near the top of the search results. Analyzes your existing Web pages and gives plain-English advice on how to improve them. Includes a simple, built-in HTML editor for fast and easy changes. Uploads your new and changed pages.

Submits your pages to the major U.S and International search engines.
Reports your positions on each search engine for each keyword you are targeting.
Tracks the number of visitors to your site and where they came from.
And much, much more!

A top 10 ranking in a major search engine like AltaVista, Lycos, or Google will often generate more targeted traffic than an expensive banner advertising campaign - and, a good search engine position is like highly targeted advertising that is both FREE, and effective!

NOTE: This software is very powerful and really works. But beware that Web Position Gold can also easily be abused. Please read the instructions carefully and fully before using. It is our recommendation to only use this software's reporting feature no less than once per month and on Search Engine Saver Mode. Google Search Engine and FAST/AllTheWeb has discouraged the use of automated software querries as conducted by this product. Simply don't run on these engines without knowing this risk.

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